Name Brand vs. Store Brand


Materials, the thickness of metals, and the quality of its parts play a major role in how long a grill will last. However, the biggest part of the lifespan of your gas grill is how well it is taken care of. A well taken care of grill can last a long time! The best grill out there will rust and fall apart if it is left uncovered and uncleaned. Of course, a better grill will last longer, but you can get a long life out of a cheap grill if you take care of it.

One way to separate the bad from the good is to look for name-brand grills versus store brands. Ask the salesperson at the store you are shopping at if the grill you are looking at is one of their brands or a national brand. Name brand gas grills have replacement parts, customer support and a company whose survival is based on the quality of their products. Store brands change factories annually and lack the depth of support that will help keep your grill working for years to come.