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Swanky’s Cookout Supply, llc.
Elevator Pitch

Store like no other – Swanky’s is an “Outdoor Lifestyle Specialty Store” anchored by big-ticket items such as outdoor kitchens and grills. Our differentiator is the complimentary and consumable products such as: charcoal, pellets, fire pits, cookware’s, spices, rubs, outdoor dining furniture, cookout novelties, boutique spices & rubs. 

Why Complimentary Products – These products engage customers for future sale of the big-ticket items. They build engagement and build customer trust. Most importantly these purchases obtain information for future marketing campaigns. Approximately 60% of our initial customer engagements are non-traditional, females, spouses, and individuals seeking gifts.

Pilot Store - Swanky’s Cookout Supply opened its “Pilot Store” in Centerbrook, CT in November 2019. Even with a global crisis sales approached $400K for 20’ sales. Based on distributor insights that are upwards of 5X the sales of our single location competitors.

Gift Cards beat Discounts – Swanky’s offers “Gift Cards Instead of Discounts”. Swanky’s large selection of “Complimentary Products” offers unequaled value for those seeking the “best deal” on a big-ticket item. This also transforms net/net price comparisons into a unique and unmatchable value proposition.

Unique Specialty items – Swanky’s sources specialty items that are not offered in grocery stores, hardware stores or big box stores. Freight makes smaller single store purchases cost prohibitive. With expansion as planned, bulk purchases distributed thru our regional collection center convert these items into extremely profitable offerings to our expansion store customers.

What we did in 2021 - Partnering with a kitchen supply retailer in Mystic, CT we beta tested a "Pop Up" outdoor experience incorporating Indoor to outdoor.  The results were quite promising. In short we provided a compliment of outdoor grills, pizza ovens, bbq tools, sauces, rubs, fire pits and furniture. These items served as  display centerpieces that created customer engagement. New customer segment were created building exponential sales for their core business and providing an additional revenue stream. Each of the big ticket items had a unique display card on them with a QR code, the customer scammed the code with their smart phone and purchased the item realtime. Delivery was completed through Swankys central stocking location. 

Planned Expansion – Westport, CT 23’ – Bridgehampton, NY 24’ – Portsmouth, NH 25’.

Centerbrook, CT will serve as the central stocking location for distribution and online sales.

To find out how you can invest in this game changing business opportunity, please contact John Shimanski or call 860-874-1975.