General Terms & Conditions

General Terms

All questions regarding eligibility, accrual, conversion and/or redemption will be resolved at Swanky’s Cookout Supply LLC's sole discretion. Swanky’s Cookout Supply CCL is not responsible for any typographical errors, including, but not limited to: product descriptions, pricing, required Points, and photographic images. Swanky’s Cookout Supply LLC reserves the right to make corrections and adjustments to Reward Members' accounts in the event of a price change.

Gift Certificates and Gift Cards

Rewards members who purchase gift certificates or gift cards are eligible to acquire points, not the person redeeming them


Fraud or abuse relating to the accrual of your rewards points, or redemption of your rewards points, may result in forfeiture of your accrued points and cancellation of your rewards account.


To terms that are set forth, 'claim' means any claim, dispute or controversy between the rewards member and Swanky’s Cookout Supply LLC that may arise in which the circumstances and procedures under which claims may be arbitrated instead of litigated in court.


Applicable taxes are not eligible to be paid with rewards points. The Rewards member is responsible for all taxes and levies that may apply. Shipments to the state of Connecticut are subject to 6.35% Sales tax.

Swanky’s Cookout Supply LLC Rewards Members Cancellation

In the event that the participating rewards member becomes unreachable via email or telephone number, Swanky’s Cookout Supply LLC Swanky’s Cookout Supply LLC may deactivate and cancel the members points and rewards program membership at any time. If a Swanky’s Cookout Supply LLC Rewards membership is cancelled due to death or insolvency, any points accrued in the rewards account may be forfeited.

Customized Products

You will be able to save customized products on embroidery designs. If you create an account, you can retrieve your customized design and finish where you left off or re-order more of what you want. Creating an account allows you to order products faster without having to re-create embroidery designs.