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Swanky's Buyers Group is is soon to be the Northeast Unites States Premier source for unique, hand crafted, specialty and hard to get Cookout Supplies. If your a small brick and mortar that would incrementally grow your business 

Located in Essex, CT Swanky's Cookout Supply operates a truly unique and one of a kind Cookout Supply Store, Brick and Mortar/Online retail organization. Unique because we offer the Outdoor Lifestyle Product Mix, take a look for yourself. www.swankyscookoutsupply.com

Unique because we offer the Outdoor Lifestyle Product Mix Swanky's has proven products in out Essex, CT store that could very well be the game changer for your location. Over 80% of our new walk in customers leave with at least three items and an average ticket of over $100. They may not buy that new grill however, they will remember the experience when they are ready. 

If you a local small shop that offers grilling products, It's pretty simple, apply online to request an account. We do try and protect reasonable geographic territories to ensure our products remain unique and draw customers to your location. 

Swanky's Buyers Group Benefits:

  • Access to smaller quantities of products at excellent discounts
  • Eliminate prohibitive freight expenses (We are right here in New England)
  • Purchase the product mix that your store needs, keep products on the shelf without a large in store inventory.
  • Hand crafted products from other parts of the country that just can't be purchased in smaller quantities
  • Online access to Swanky's Buyers Group inventory
  • Listing as a Swanky's Buyers Group Member
  • Interact with other Swanky's Buyers Group members throughout New England.
  • Referrals from other Swanky's Buyers Group Members
  • Monitor trends and market data
  • Increase your store's "Go To" in the community
  • Online store development assistance
  • Brick and Mortar Reinvention

Swanky's Cookout Supply has a proven business model, stop by our Essex, Connecticut store and take a look for yourself. Our online store is state of the art and purchasing from Swanky's is "Frictionless". Shop online, order online, pick up at the store, home delivery. 

Swanky's in house design team can work with you to reinvent your Brick and Mortar, revamp or introduce your business to online marketing (on online store, nit a website). Swanky's knows how to offer value added and product mix that gives you winning leverage against the online guys that sell price.

Don't go another day without sales, cookout season is all year round. As a member of Swanky's Buyers Group your appliance store will become a destination for the Outdoor Lifestyle Enthusiast.

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Swanky's Buyers Group

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