Ooni 3 Gas Burner - US - 28mbar
Ooni 3 Gas Burner - US - 28mbar

Ooni 3 Gas Burner - US - 28mbar

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Key Features

  • Add the convenience of gas to your pizza oven
  • Heat control knob gives you more control over your temperature
  • Quickly and easily attached with two (2) included 10mm screws
  • Includes gas burner for Ooni 3, an 11 WC (28mbar) regulator with gas hose, 2 screws, and an extendable match holder
  • Gas burner is only intended for use with the Ooni 3 pizza oven, outside, with propane, and only with the door off of the oven

Get the most from your Ooni 3 portable pizza oven with accessories that are designed to maximize your outdoor cooking experience. The gas burner is a convenient way to fuel your Ooni pizza oven with propane gas with the same heat and efficiency you have come to expect. The heat control knob gives you a range of temperatures to cook at. With this gas burner your Ooni pizza oven can get up to 932 degrees in just 10 minutes. Included is the gas burner, 11 WC (28 mbar) regulator with 4 foot gas hose, two (2) 10 mm screws with Allen key, and an extendable match holder. Please note this burner is for outdoor use only, and has only been tested and approved for use with Ooni 3 Outdoor Pizza Ovens. Burner must be used with the door off and with propane only.

Legal disclaimers and warnings

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Product Information

Model Number UU-P02700


Material Stainless Steel
Primary Color Silver
Collection Uuni 3
Grill Type Pizza Ovens


Width 8"
Depth 9"
Height 4"
Weight 5 lbs